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Peacock Tree Ecology
61 Miswell Lane
Hertfordshire HP23 4DR

Telephone: 01442 891200
Mobile: 07884 055207


At Peacock Tree Ecology, we consider the sustainability of the species supported by your trees – often in their thousands – before choosing a course of action. Trees are more than just living organisms; they're the basis of complete ecosystems.

Wood products

We ensure all the by-products generated by our tree work are useable and, in fact, used. Nothing goes to waste or causes pollution. For instance, we:

  • Mulch down sawdust and woodchip into compost for spreading onto farmers' fields
  • Season, cut up and sell hardwood logs for firewood
  • Use softwood logs to heat the kennels at our yard
  • Mill good-quality timber into planks for furniture-making and building products

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