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Peacock Tree Ecology
61 Miswell Lane
Hertfordshire HP23 4DR

Telephone: 01442 891200
Mobile: 07884 055207

Woodlands & habitats

With Peacock Tree Ecology, you have access to the latest woodland management techniques, whether you’re involved in large or small woodlands.

Sustainable woodland management

Woodlands are part of everyone’s future. We’re experienced in the business of sustainability in woodland management and can therefore work fully to fulfil your objectives. Indeed, we can help refine those objectives and advise on such issues as habitat and wildlife conservation, financial return, sporting and recreation, and woodland regeneration.

Woodland planting

When planting woodlands, it’s vital to use the correct tree species and be certain of their provenance.

Peacock Tree Ecology can advise on appropriate species and give guidance on plant spacing, tree protection and aftercare.

Woodland conservation

If you operate woodlands, you’ll know that trees are just part of the conservation effort: that’s why we create, maintain and enhance wildlife habitats for mammals, birds, plants, fungi, lichens, bryophytes and invertebrates alike.

Habitat creation – deadwood

To promote the greatest biodiversity, we always keep deadwood where safe. This may be in trees, cavities, the woodland floor, standing deadwood, dying trees or stacked tree surgery arisings. Naturally, we use coronet cuts on larger branches while undertaking tree surgery. We’re also delighted to erect bird and bat boxes.

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